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1Corinthians 2:7 – Before the eons

20-11-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…but we are speaking God’s wisdom in a secret, wisdom which has been concealed, which God designates before – before the eons, for our glory…

Paul could only reveal to some of the Corinthians what he would like to share with all. The wisdom of GOD in the Scriptures (=the Tenach), our ‘old testament’. In which we cryptically find recorded in both histories and stories, in rituals and precepts, which glory GOD intended. For Christ himself and thus also for all who are “in Christ”. The glory that Paul displayed openly in his ministry was already hidden and concealed in the Tenach. And that is what Paul brought to light in his ministry.

The glory which GOD predestined dates from “before the eons”. In common English translations we read “before the world began” which is an incorrect translation. However in common Dutch translations we read “from eternity”. This is an inadmissible adjustment of Scripture towards theology. Because an ‘eon’ in Scripture is always a world age with a beginning and an end. The classic theology however has turned it into and endless ‘eternity’. Obviously nothing can have preceded eternity. But let us adapt our vocabulary to Scripture. Not the other way around. “Before the eons” GOD had already predestined our glory. Yes everything goes according to GOD’s script.