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1Corinthians 1:2 – The ecclesia in Corinth

23-10-2018 - Posted by Andre Piet

…to the ecclesia of God which is in Corinth, hallowed in Christ Jesus…

This letter is addressed to “the ecclesia of God”. Of which, Paul writes later in this letter, he once was a persecutor (15:9). Until … he was called and questioned from heaven “ Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?”. In those words, Christ identified himself with the ecclesia. The ecclesia, that is himself. In the bud you can find the truth of the ecclesia as “the body of Christ” (10:16, 12:12), as it would be later revealed to Paul.

“The ecclesia”, that is a designation of the people’s assembly (Acts 19:41), in this case the ones “hallowed in Christ Jesus”. Where they meet, there is not just ‘an ecclesia’ but ‘the ecclesia’. And neither ‘of Corinth’ but “in Corinth”. One ecclesia comes together in many places. Regardless of the number of people present, they are always counted as being complete. Having the highest authority. For the ecclesia is “body of Christ” and thus the company of which he is the Head and where his word is heard. “The ecclesia of God” includes all “hallowed in Christ Jesus” and becomes concrete where they are gathered around Christ’s word.