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1 Timothy 6:4 – Sound versus morbid

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

If anyone is teaching differently and is not approaching with sound words(…), he is conceited, versed in nothing, but morbid about questionings and controversies, out of which is coming envy, strife, calumnies, wicked suspicion

We are presented with two ’tastes’ here. They are either “the sound words” as Paul had been taught directly “from our Lord Jesus Christ,” or “another teaching.” This other teaching therefore deviates by definition (Gr.heteros = different) from “the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ”. Therefore, whoever prefers and teaches such doctrine is showing himself to be “conceited” and arrogant. And besides that, he is also “versed in nothing” or ignorant. Because like every “different teaching” that Paul previously wrote about (1:3,4), it deals with myths, which are stories without factual, solid grounds.

Unlike those who have “the sound words” as their guide, these teachers are morbid. Their education is intrinsically weak because they lose themselves in speculation. They can’t do anything else. There are no objective grounds or cogent witnesses, so that every claim leads to controversy. Such endless discussions are a source of “envy, slanders and evil suspicions”. The decisive “it is written!” has given way to libel and innuendo. What a difference!