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1 Timothy 6:2 – Better slaves

14-06-2024 - Posted by Hans

Yet let those having believing owners not be despising them seeing that they are brethren, but rather let them slave for them, seeing that they are believing and beloved, being supported by the slave’s benefaction. These things teach and entreat.

The previous verse talked about a believer who is a slave to an unbelieving master. Here the situation is that both, the slave and the master are believers. Paul approaches the relationship from the standpoint of the believing slave. The fact that his master is a brother does not make him less of a slave. On the contrary, it makes him more (in the sense of a better) slave. After all, his master is a fellow believer and a loved one. Isn’t that an excellent motive to serve him all the more?!

Grace is “not according to man.” Grace does not take, but gives. The believing slave does not assume how his master should act towards him. He has no influence on that and it is none of his business. As a believing slave, he has been granted the grace to be a better slave and to support his master with kindness as a beloved fellow believer. That is the type of teaching Timothy would pass on and encourage.