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1 Timothy 6:16 – Light inaccessible

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

… who alone has immortality making His home in light inaccessible, Whom not one of mankind perceived nor can be perceiving, to Whom be honor and might eonian! Amen!

We found that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only human being who has immortality up to this point. Besides this, and that He is “the King of kings and the Lord of lords,” He is also said to dwell in an “inaccessible light” that no man is able to perceive. Of course, this speaks of Christ’s current position in heavenly glory.

Like no other, Paul was an expert by experience of the statement he makes here. For had he not stood face to face with this inaccessible light? When he was called from heaven on the road to Damascus, and a light exceeded the brightness of the sun shone around him (Acts 26:14)? The light immediately blinded him and Saul had to be taken by the hand and led to Damascus. For three days he could not see, because of this dazzling light he had ‘perceived’.

There are good reasons to assume that Paul suffered from a chronic eye problem throughout his life due to this “inaccessible light” (Gal.4:15; 6:11; 6:17). A disability as a permanent reminder of his calling from heavenly light!