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1 Timothy 6:13 – The ideal avowal before Pontius Pilate

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

I am charging you in the sight of God, Who is vivifying all and of Jesus Christ, Who testifies in the ideal avowal before Pontius Pilate

The emphasis in verses 12 and 13 is on boldly avowing the truth of the faith. This inevitably entails conflict. Misrecognition and resistance. Just as Jesus himself experienced this on earth and as a result of which He was finally sentenced to death by the Roman governor Pilate.

Each of the four accounts of the Gospel talks about Pilate’s trial against Jesus. Matthew, Mark and Luke only mention Jesus’ minimal response to Pilate’s question whether He is indeed “the King of the Jews” (“You are saying it”). Only Johannes provides a little more detail about their brief conversation. (18:36-37).

When asked about his kingship, Jesus answers that since his kingdom is now not of this world, therefore his servants do not take up weapons. Behold “the ideal avowal”! Christ’s Kingdom is not part of the politics of this world and does not intend to be. That is the truth that Jesus testified to. Only at His future return will the kingdom of this world finally make way for the Kingdom that will be revealed from then on (Rev.11:15).