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1 Timothy 6:12 – The ideal avowal

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

Contend the ideal contest of the faith. Get hold of eonian life, for which you were called, and you avow the ideal avowal in the sight of many witnesses.

The word for ‘avowal’ in Greek (=homo-logia) is made up of the elements ’the same’ (homos) and ‘saying’ (logia). Avowal is not a creative activity, but simply parroting. In this case: saying the same thing that God has spoken. For only such avowal can be called ideal.

In the church world there are various ‘avowals’ by which it is measured whether someone is orthodox or not. For example, there are the general confessional writings of Nicea and Athanasius, which are endorsed by (almost) all churches. But alas, these confessions are anything but excellent. For in such confessions the Scripture is not faithfully parroted. “Words of human wisdom” are introduced such as “trinity” and “God the Son” that immediately lead us away from “the sound words” of the Bible.

The ideal avowal begins with the avowal of Jesus as Lord. “That if ever you should be avowing with your mouth the declaration that Jesus is Lord and should be believing in your heart that God rouses Him from among the dead, you shall be saved” (Rom. 10:9). Yes, one day every tongue will confess this to the glory of God the Father, but how excellent it is to do this today!