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1 Timothy 6:10 – A root of all evils

10-07-2024 - Posted by Hans

For a root of all evils is the fondness for money, which some craving, were led astray from the faith ad try themselves on all sides with much pain.

In verse 9, Paul wrote about the danger of intending to get rich. In verse 10 he explains this further. The intention to become rich is called here “the fondness for money”. There is nothing wrong with money itself. Doesn’t everyone use it? The danger arises when the use of money turns into a fondness for money.

The affection for money is a root of all evils. Not “the root” as some translations incorrectly render. That is exaggerated. But it is certainly true that all shady practices in the world are linked to the greed for money. Just think of theft, murder, jealousy, adultery, but also lust for power and war.

In addition to the evil things mentioned, the craving for money also causes people to stray from faith. This is inevitable because the truth of faith always teaches us to put the meaning of money into perspective. Such straying is not about losing your way ‘accidentally’, but rather allowing the result of consciously allowing money to prevail over faith. As a result, one pierces oneself with many pains. Money doesn’t buy happiness, we know that. But affection for money certainly brings unhappiness.