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1 Timothy 5:24,25 – All will be revealed

14-06-2024 - Posted by Hans

Some men’s sins are taken for granted, preceding them into judging, yet some are following up also. Similarly the ideal acts also are taken for granted and those having it otherwise cannot be hid.

These two verses belong together. Sometimes sins are so undeniable that they are obvious before any proper investigation has been done. The indications are so obvious that it does not require an expert to be able to point this out. But in other cases, abnormalities only come to light later. Perhaps Paul’s earlier instruction not to be too quick to lay hands on anyone (verse 22) was also inspired by this.

What can be said of sins applies also to excellent works. These can sometimes also be noticed from a distance. But that certainly does not apply to all excellent works. There is so much that escapes our perception. That is invisible on the outside. Both negative and positive. That realization should make us modest in our judgment. Any judgment before everything becomes public is a prejudice. Scripture assures us that all things, both good and evil, will one day be revealed. Because they “cannot be  hid”. And you can bet we’ll be surprised!