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1 Timothy 5:18 – For Scripture is saying!

14-06-2024 - Posted by Hans

For the scripture is saying: “A threshing ox you shall not be muzzling” and “Worthy is the worker of his wages.”

In particular, the seniors “who are toiling in word and teaching” would be considered worthy of double honor, Paul wrote in the previous verse 17. To reinforce this appeal, he appeals to Scripture. First with a quote from Deuteronomy 25:4, which although it is not about a human worker, makes Paul’s appeal to this word even stronger. For if God does not want an ox to be hindered from eating the grain in which he is threshing, how much more a laborer who toils in preaching and teaching the word of God?!

Paul’s second quote: “Worthy is the worker of his wages” is taken almost literally from Luke 10:7. Paul and Luke traveled and worked extensively together and Paul knew Luke’s writings and quotes from them. Note that Luke’s recorded words have the same status for him as the words of Deuteronomy! “Scripture says” applies to both quotes! It was not church councils that subsequently granted this authority to the NT. None of that! The apostles appointed by Jesus Christ already recognized the books of the NT as “Scripture” in their day.