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1 Timothy 5:10– Proven to be qualified

03-04-2024 - Posted by Hans

Attested by ideal acts: if she nourishes children, if she is hospitable, if she washes the saints feet, if she relieves the afflicted, if she follows up with every good work

The sixty-plus widows that Timothy would list for ministry were to be known for their “ideal acts.” Paul gives five examples of this. The first thing he mentions is that a testimony can be given from the widow regarding child rearing. The reason for this is clear. At home, the mother’s primary task is attending to the children

Paul also values ​​hospitality as a virtue. Anyone who is hospitable opens his (or in this case: her) house to receive guests. For example, itinerant believers (preachers). In the latter case, ‘washing the saints’ feet’ can even be taken very literally. Washing guests’ feet was generally considered slave work, but the women Paul is thinking about do not look down on this.

The widows Timothy was looking for were certainly not random. They had to be proven qualified for shelter work and assistance and therefore also have a heart for the oppressed. They would be committed to every type of good work. In short, widows who reflect what God’s grace can do!