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1 Timothy 4:8 – Beneficial for all

08-02-2024 - Posted by Hans

For bodily exercise is beneficial for a few things, yet devoutness is beneficial for all, having promise for the life which now is and that which is impending.

We already noted about bodily exercise that, despite statements to the contrary, Paul says nothing negative about it. He puts its meaning into perspective, that is true. In relation to “devoutness”, its usefulness is very limited. That makes sense, because “devoutness” is “benefcial for all”. An exercised body is without a doubt an important factor in health. But it does not offer a guarantee of health. And neither for mental happiness.

Contrast that with the exercise of devoutness. The word ‘devoutness’ (Gr. eusebeia = good worship) is usually rendered ‘godliness’ (from the German ‘Gottesfurcht’ – fear of God). This word stands for what is elsewhere called “the fear of the Lord.” It is the reverence and awe for the God who truly is GOD and can do all things, who knows all things and who orders all things. Practicing that knowledge and giving Him glory in all aspects of existence already promises an ultimate life in the present. But not only that: whoever fears GOD will also receive the life of the eons to come!