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1 Timothy 4:3 – Preventing to marry

08-02-2024 - Posted by Hans

… Preventing to marry, abstaining from foods, which God creates to be partaken of with thanksgiving by those who believe and realize the truth,

These verses emphatically predict the debacle that would occur in Christendom “in later times”. In hypocrisy of false expressions one would successfully promote teachings of demons. Two examples are given here and both are related. The imposed aversion to marriage and the abstinence from food are both expressions of asceticism.

After the passing of the apostles, teachings developed in the Christian heritage that put the physical, pleasure and lust in a bad light. Sexual pleasure was considered a necessary evil, necessary only for reproduction. Certainly ‘clerics’ would not concern themselves with such earthly matters and thus compulsory celibacy for priests came into being.

The very existence of a spiritual class is of course a colossal deviation from the truth, because one plays as if (hypocrisy!) one is Israel. Anyway, the clergy elite had to demonstrate through their unmarried state that they were elevated above the lusts of the ordinary church people… Over the last half century, this hypocritical bubble has burst with a series of scandals. And people are leaving the church en masse…