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1 Timothy 4:15 – Progress

03-04-2024 - Posted by Hans

On these things meditate. In these be, that your progress may be apparent to all.

By “these things” Paul refers to the instructions he had given Timothy in the previous verses. He would teach the same things that Paul had taught (:11). But also in his behavior and all his attitude he would be an example (:12) and heed the reading, encouragement and teaching (:13). In this way he would confirm the charisma given to him through prophecy.

Timothy’s ministry was not just a hobby or temporary fad, but it marked his entire life. Paul encourages him to fully focus on that. The motive he gives for this is more than interesting. Because by taking care of this and being busy in it, Timothy would not only stay on track but also make progress. Those who remain in the Word are not only stable, but they also grow! You learn things, you become wiser, you realize more and more how rich you are. So that you can also distribute it and others can receive that wealth and in turn pass it on. That is progress made manifest to all!

“While the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn’s brightness, advancing and becoming resplendent until the day is established” (Prov.4:18).