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1 Timothy 4:12 – Timothy as role model.

03-04-2024 - Posted by Hans

Let no one be despising your youth, but become a model for the believers, in word, in behavior, in love, in faith, In purity.

Timothy would have been a young man just in his thirties when he received this letter. He enjoyed respect and trust, not least from Paul himself. But his youth was apparently an argument for some to disqualify him. But Paul encourages him not to worry about that, because not age but ability is decisive (compare 1 Cor. 16:10,11).

With the important instructions Paul has already given, here is a summary profile. Timothy as a person would be a model, or literally a ’type’, of the believers in his entire attitude. There are plenty of people with great stories, but what really makes an impression is someone who is actually an example and role model.

Paul mentions five areas in which Timothy would show himself to be an example. “In word”, which refers to speaking and conversations. “In behavior” refers to the way of life and attitude. “In love” speaks of an atmosphere of priceless devotion. “In faith” means that Timothy is characterized by faithfulness, trust and reliability. And finally, especially as a young man, he would be an example “in purity”. Clean and pure!