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1 Timothy 4:10 – dead-end explanations

03-04-2024 - Posted by Hans

Faithful is the saying and worthy of all welcome. For for this are we toiling and being reproached, that we rely on the living God, Who is the Saviour of all mankind, especially of believers.

Many attempts have been made to debunk the truth of Paul’s mission statement. Earlier the explanation was already discussed that Paul meant that God is a Savior for all people (as an offer). However, it conflicts with the unmistakable genitive case he uses (of all people).

An attempt has also been made to give the word ‘Savior’ (or ‘Preserver’) the meaning of ‘Sustainer’. Another futile attempt. The Greek word (soter) that Paul uses here is something he previously mentioned in 2:3,4 where he writes about God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved. Could he also mean: God wants all people to be sustained?!? And would Paul labor to bring that message to the world? And would that be his struggle?!?

A third way to get around this text is to twist “all mankind” to mean all kinds of people. So not all people without exception, but all types of people. Would such a reduction in a text be tolerated elsewhere? For example in Romans 3:12 “all are departed… there is none who does good”?No, it is rock solid: God is a Savior of all mankind!