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1 Timothy 3:16– Flesh and Spirit

05-01-2024 - Posted by Hans

And avowedly great is the secret of devoutness, “which was manifested in flesh, justified in spirit, seen by messengers, heralded among the nations, believed in the world, taken up in glory”.

The first two stanzas of the confession that Paul quotes form a well-known contrast: flesh and spirit. Christ’s family tree goes back to King David. Behold the line of the flesh (Rom.1:3). At the same time, his conception without the intervention of a man demonstrates the lineage of God’s spirit (Luke 1:35). The revelation of the Messiah had to take place in the flesh because it had been foretold in the Scriptures. God had prepared a body for Him to be the true sacrifice that would give His blood (Heb.10:5). He was sentenced to death as a sinner and thus made sin (2Cor.5:21). He was condemned and crucified outside the camp (Heb.13:12).

But Christ’s death was not the end, on the contrary. For He died precisely so that He could be raised to newness of life. Once for all. By men He was condemned and led like a lamb to the slaughter. But on the third day God raised Him from the dead by His spirit. This Divine act proves how God sees the Christ. Perfect and without blemish. Justified in spirit!