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1 Timothy 3:10 – Tested first

11-12-2023 - Posted by Hans

Now let these also first be tested: thereafter let them be serving, being unimpeachable.

The reason Timothy had to remain in Ephesus for the time being was because differing teachings were being taught there in the ecclesia. Before Timothy would go any further, he had to look for an “supervisor” (singular) who would watch over “sound teaching.” This supervisor should also have “servants” (plural) at his disposal to practically support him in his task.

High demands are placed on “the supervisor” and also on “the servants” because Paul attaches the utmost importance to monitoring “sound teaching”. Both “the supervisor” and “the servants” had to be tested first by Timothy. This assessment obviously does not refer to running a trial period or the like. but Timothy would first check carefully whether the candidates actually fit the profile that Paul had described. Of course, it would be foolish to reverse the procedure and test people after they have already started their task.

The word ‘unimpeachable’ is actually a legal term and means that someone should not be charged. In the ecclesia the unquestionable word of God should sound and anything that could damage that reputation should be avoided.