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1 Timothy 2:9,10– The adornment of women

08-11-2023 - Posted by Hans

Similarly, women also are to be adorning themselves in raiment, decorously, with modesty and sanity, not with braids and gold, or pearls or costly vesture, but (what is becoming to women professing a reverence for God) with good works.

In the previous verse, Paul (through Timothy) addressed the men that they would lift up their hands to God with integrity, “apart from anger and reasoning.” Because of their leading role and physical strength, men are easily tempted to act macho. Aggressive and dominant. Hence this encouragement.

In verses 9 and 10, Paul addresses women in an area where their pitfalls lie: that of appearance. Women naturally pay much more attention to their appearance than men do. Paul respects that, but emphasizes that that decoration (Gr. kosmeo) would not consist in outward display but in reverence for God. Because if women want to show such decoration, they will not try to attract attention by wearing provocative clothing. Or by a flashy hairstyle. Or through lavish jewelry and very expensive clothing.

Paul gives women a choice here. What do they want to profile themselves in? In a flashy, provocative, stimulating and luxurious appearance? Or do they want to express their reverence for God? Not just with the mouth, but “by good works.” Walk your talk.