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1 Timothy 2:5– For there is óne God

08-11-2023 - Posted by Hans

For there is one God, and one Mediator of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus…

God wants all people to be saved and come to a realization of truth. For there is one God… The power of this “because” should not escape us. Since there is only one God, He is also the God of all. He is unique and therefore His will to save is universal.

With this statement Paul directs us to the truth that is the basis of the Jewish faith. “Hear Israel, YAHWEH our God is one…” Jesus calls this confession “the first commandment” in his conversation with a scribe (Mark 12:28,29,32). But not only Israel would hear that there is one God, all people would come to realize this truth. Through Isaiah He declared, “There is no God besides Me!”

The truth that there is one God is so simple that a small child can understand it. Simple. This truth is also fundamentally logical. The question of whether there are one or more gods is not about quantity, but about quality. A god who has to share his power with another god is not omnipotent and therefore by definition not a GOD. In other words: there is either one GOD or no GOD.