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1 Timothy 2:15 – Wholesome motherhood

11-12-2023 - Posted by Hans

Yet she shall be saved through the child bearing, if ever they should be remaining in faith and love and holiness with sanity.

There is something linguistically curious about verse 15: the first “she” (“she will be saved”) is singular and refers to “the woman” in verse 14, namely Eve. The second “they,” on the other hand (“if they should be remaining in faith…”) is plural and apparently refers to “the woman” in general. Presumably Paul makes this distinction because with “she will be saved through childbearing” he specifically refers to the ‘mother of promises’ to Eve (Gen. 3:15).

The fact that Paul points to “child bearing” here is to indicate where the primary domain of women lies: not in public life and leadership, but at home. The ultimate fulfillment of women lies in producing and raising children. Without detracting from the fact that there are also women for whom it is not motherhood, but a different interpretation of life (compare 1 Cor. 7). But in general and by nature there is no way more wholesome for woman than that of raising children. “…in faith and love and holiness with sanity.”