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1 Timothy 2:13 – first and thereafter

11-12-2023 - Posted by Hans

For Adam was first molded, thereafter Eve.

We have already established that in Scripture leadership and exercise of dominion are masculine functions. The reason for this is fundamentally typological: the masculine refers to God as Creator and the feminine refers to creation. God rules and guides, while the creature is guided and subordinate to Him (yes, male!). That subordinate position is not inferior, but rather the expression of her glory.

But if these are the relationships, how is it possible that we read in Scripture of a Deborah who was a judge over Israel? Or that women in public prophesied, such as Huldah and the daughters of Philip (see also 1Cor.11:5). It is true that these are (relative) exceptions, but Scripture does provide such space. However, they confirm the rule that the man is leading the way (first) and is expected to ‘lead’. Where the man is lacking or inadequate or failing, the woman necessarily takes over the male role. From this perspective, the rise of feminism in our society is actually an indictment of men. In any case, because he is by definition liable. Where the man takes his place and understands, the woman will feel protected and come into her own.