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1 Timothy 2:11 – Fogged glasses

26-03-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Let a woman be learning in quietness with all subjection.

It is not easy for a westerner in the 21st century to appreciate a text as above. Influenced as we all are by feminism and emancipation ideas. We are taught to be disgusted with distinguishing between male and female. ‘Discrimination!’ is then cried, which, strictly speaking, simply means ‘distinguishing.’ Scripture begins with that distinction. God created man, “male and female He created them” (Gen.1: 27). First the man, then Eva. It is masculine to lead the way, to steer, to lead and to make decisions. The woman is released from those duties and is left alone. The man, as the head, goes first and the consequence of this is that when things go wrong, the man is always liable. Hence, mankind “in Adam” became a sinner and a mortal. Not in Eva.

How important for understanding the Scriptures to take off our biased gender-neutral glasses. Because not the Scriptures, but our glasses are time-bound. And very fogged, so that we no longer distinguish obvious differences. The word of Him (indeed Him!), Who created male and female, gives us a clear view of that!