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1 Timothy 1:7 – So called teachers of the law

26-09-2023 - Posted by Hans

Wanting to be teachers of the law, not apprehending either what they are saying, or that concerning which they are insisting

In almost all places where Paul was allowed to plant the flag of the Gospel, he encountered hindrance from Judaizers. These were either native Jewish preachers, or Judaized people from the nations. So ‘Gentiles’ who had adopted Jewish customs (=proselytes) and encouraged this way of life among the nations.

For these people, the law of Moses is the guideline for life and believers from the nations would also adhere to it. After all, hadn’t God given the law to Israel and aren’t we as Christians the heirs of that people? Law-keeping may not bring salvation, but isn’t it a beautiful rule of gratitude? Throughout church history, such arguments were popular. Up to the present day. Without knowing what people are talking about. People are very dogmatic about Sabbath and Sunday, circumcision and baptism, but the inconsistent reasoning rattles on all sides. One pretends to be Israel, but it is a role play in which one has to get stuck. This confusion can only exist because one does not read the Scriptures with discernment.