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1 Timothy 1:5 – Unfeigned belief

26-09-2023 - Posted by Hans

Now the consummation of the charge is love out of a clean heart and a good conscience and unfeigned faith.

Paul called on Timothy to instruct some in Ephesus “not to be teaching differently” (1:3). Here in verse 5 Paul describes the purpose of that assignment. He mentions three reasons: (1) “love out of a clean heart,” (2) “a good conscience,” and finally (3) “unfeigned faith.” Timothy already knew this “genuine faith” from his mother and grandmother (2Tim.1:5).

The word “unfeigned” is literally “non-hypocritical.” In the Greek world, the term ‘hypocrite’ referred to an actor, someone who pretends. Hypocrisy is usually (and rightly!) associated with religion. People want to appear morally better than others. But it is only form and ’the world’ sees through such religious and moralistic facade with contempt. Religion is feigned faith. One pretends to believe (i.e., trust) God, but in reality one distrusts Him. People are afraid of Him and fear they will end up in hell. Religion serves to get in ‘good graces’ with God.

“Sound teaching,” on the other hand, speaks of “the glory of the happy GOD” (1:11) who loves His creations and achieves His purpose with all. This GOD can truly be trusted and that creates “unfeigned faith