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1 Timothy 1:4 – No attention to myths

26-09-2023 - Posted by Hans

…that you should be charging some not to be teaching differently, nor yet to be heeding myths and endless genealogies…

The instruction Timothy receives is urgent: this deserves priority before anything else that needs to be said. “No other teaching.” And completely in line with that, “nor yet to be heeding to myths and endless genealogies…”. With this addition Paul indicates what he means by “different teaching”. A myth is a ‘story’ in the sense of ‘it is said’. In practice, a made-up story.

Compare this with our word ‘fairy tale’ which is derived from the verb ’to speak’ and also indicates an invented story. So much is said and claimed. In our days perhaps more than ever before. But if it is not based on reliable word (read: Scripture) then it should not only not be taught, but should not even receive attention. Paying attention to empty claims and unfounded stories is already too much honor. Even if one means to fight them. Myths exist by the grace of being passed on. Even when they are contradicted, they are discussed and thus maintained.

“Sound teaching” is opposed to myths because it has a solid basis as its foundation. It is rock solid and one can build on it!