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1 Corinthians 5:9,10 – To make a difference

19-02-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

I write to you in the epistle not to be commingling with paramours. And undoubtedly it is not as to the paramours of this world, or the greedy and extortionate, or idolaters, else, consequently, you ought to come out of the world.

Paul does not necessarily refer here to an earlier letter; his words can also refer to the foregoing. What Paul wants is that the believing Corinthians should distinguish themselves from notorious culprits. He does not think of ‘carnal’ behavior such as envy and strife (3:3) but of evil, criminal practices. For the life of believers would be an adornment of the evangel, the good news and not be linked to scam, robbery, idolatry and fornication. That would be a disgrace.

At the same time, Paul wants to correct a possible misunderstanding. Because by “not to be commingling” he doesn’t intend to plea for a reclusive existence. We live in the world and in it we come across everything, including scammers, robbers, fornicators and idolaters. Not a problem. On the contrary, because we have a good message for everyone! Suppose we would withdraw from the evil world, how could we ever reach others with the word of God?! Paul’s own life was a demonstration of entering the world!