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1 Corinthians 5:8 – So that we may celebrate!

16-02-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

For our Passover also, Christ, was sacrificed for our sakes so that we may be keeping the festival, not with old leaven…

Here Paul gets to the goal of his plea: “…so that we may be keeping festival”. Many commentaries on this Bible chapter get stuck in considerations about law and exclusion. In practice rather acidic instead of a feast. Acidity and festivity are diametrically opposed here. Because. The festivities about which is spoken is the festival of the unleavened. Where the leaven symbolizes, the old, that is to say, the dough of yesterday. Leaven is an image of decay and the corruptibility.

“Our Passover is sacrificed, Christ” – on the fourteenth of the first month he was crucified. On the day of the Passover. Why? In order to emerge as the Firstfruits in “newness of life”. Behold the festival, the feast of the unleavened! Sin and death have finally come to an end in him. And God sees us in him – unleavened! That is what we are!

Since the big stone has been rolled from the grave, death has been overcome. And a glorious future awaits all mankind – “each in his own class”. That is the festival we can celebrate every day in faith!