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1 Corinthians 15:34 – Knowledge of GOD

24-02-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Sober up justly and do not be sinning, for some have an ignorance of God. To abash you am I saying it.

Paul has carefully constructed his argument and piled up the evidence one by one. Paul knocked the stuffing out of the denial of the resurrection of the dead, as some in Corinth put it forward. Readers who nevertheless adhere to that are not sober and are completely wrong. That is also what ‘sinning’ in this verse means: miss the mark.

Denying the truth of the resurrection seems very rational, yet it is based on a serious lack of knowledge. Namely lack of knowledge of GOD. Whoever leaves GOD out of consideration, by definition gets lost in his or her thinking. It may seem very intelligent to believe that resurrection is impossible, but then one decides to overlook one decisive factor: GOD. Would anything be impossible for Him? Would the Creator of heaven and earth not be able to raise the dead? To conclude that something is not possible, just because we do not know how, is extremely stupid and short-sighted. With the apologies that this does not sound so flattering.

Only reckoning with who GOD is puts our thinking on the right track.