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1 Corinthians 15:11 – The great similarity

02-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Then, whether I or they, thus we are heralding and thus you believe…

The Evangel is the announcement that Christ who (as was foretold in the scriptures) was roused and resurrected after his funeral on the third day (: 1-4). He was then seen by (1) Cephas, (2) the twelve, (3) more than five hundred brothers at once, (4) James, (5) all the apostles, and (6) the last of all to Paul. What they all herald, unanimously and without a single exception, is the message about Christ being raised. That is the basis of everything. It is the fulfillment of what is “written”. And the impact of this historical fact is immense, comprehensive and inescapable. Paul will return to this extensively.

In the Galatians letter, Paul emphasizes the uniqueness entrusted to him (Gal. 1: 11; 2: 7). Directly given to him by Christ himself, without the mediation of “the twelve.” It is his unique ministry, after the Evangel was rejected by “Jerusalem.” But no matter how important these differences are, the foundation of what Paul and all the other apostles had to say is exactly the same. Christ has been roused and resurrected – that is what he (= Paul) and what they (= the fellow apostles) herald. That was and is the message and that is what the Corinthians believed. The immovable cornerstone!