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1 Corinthians 12:5,6 – diversity and yet the same…

01-10-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

And there are apportionments of services, and the same Lord, and there are apportionments of operations, yet the same God Who is operating all in all.

Keywords in these verses are ‘apportionments’ and ‘the same’. It is a variety of grace effects but the same spirit of God (: 4). There is also a variety of services. A ‘ministry’ (Gr. Dia-konia) is a service (> konia) that is performed by someone (> dia). That is very broad in his applications and that is why Paul speaks of diversity. But however great this diversity may be, in the ecclesia there is one Lord who deals with it (Eph.4: 12). Because only He is the Head who organically directs and controls everything. The ministries fall under his authority and not that of an organization.

In addition to the variety of grace effects and ministries, there is also a variety of operations (Gr. En-ergema). Our word “energy” is derived from this that indicates a force that acts somewhere (or in someone). Think of electricity that makes a lamp shine or causes a fan to blow. There is a huge variety of effects. That also applies to “the body”, the ecclesia. And at the same time it is the same GOD who operates in everything but also in all.