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1 Corinthians 12:28 – Diversity

15-10-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Whom also God indeed, placed in the ecclesia first, apostles, second, prophets, third, teachers, thereupon powers, thereupon graces of healing, supports, pilotage, species of languages.

In the first three ministries that Paul mentions, a ranking is enclosed. First apostles, secondly prophets and thirdly teachers. The first two are mentioned because they have laid the foundation of the ecclesia (Eph.2: 20). The teachers have not laid the foundation, but they do build on it in their education.

The things that Paul then mentions do not receive a ordinal word. Because the order in it is irrelevant. The “powers” that Paul mentions are often mentioned in the same breath as “miracles and signs.” In the time of “the Acts” in which the testimony to Israel as a people was still sounding, demonstrative “forces” were part of the preaching. This also applies to the “languages” that Paul mentions. They too were a sign in view of the people of Israel (14:21).

The grace effects of healings have already passed (12: 9). The ability to offer all kinds of support or to manage in various situations are just as many examples of “charisma”. In all its diversity, these are effects of grace.