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1 Corinthians 10:32 – and become not a stumbling block

03-08-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

And become not a stumbling block to Jews as well as to Greeks and to the ecclesia of God.

All is allowed, but not all is expedient or edifying (: 23). What is expedient or edifying? Paul mentions two criteria. The first is that GOD is thanked and glorified in all we do (: 30, 31). The second criterium is here negatively formulated: “become not a stumbling block…” To become useful for the benefit and growth of others, at least you would not become a stumbling block for them.

We need to understand the word “stumbling block”. Earlier in 1: 23 Paul wrote that the Evangel itself is a snare (Greek: skandalon) to Jews and stupidity to Greeks. That is unavoidable. For the Evangel is just “not according to man” and it contradicts with as well as to Greek and Jewish thinking. But here Paul says that we ourselves shouldn’t be a stumbling block for others (: 33).

In this respect, Paul distinguishes three groups: Jews, Greeks, and the ecclesia. He himself was eager to become a Jew for the Jews and a Greek for the Greeks (9: 20, 21). As well as he became as weak to the weak in the ecclesia (9: 22). And that al, Paul explained, in order “to be gaining the more!” (9: 19).